The Piano Handyman Welcomes You!

The Piano Handyman is here to help collaborative pianists in their preparation!  Is there a trick fingering that others know about?  A typo in your edition?  Look up the composition you’re practicing and make sure you’re aware of the information presented.  Be the most informed accompanist you can be!  If you want to request that we add pages or information, or contribute advice of your own, contact us through the link above.

Look up your compositions here before you start practicing! Our always-expanding resource now includes over a dozen works critical to accompanists everywhere!  You’ll find…

  • Tactile Tips – Don’t wear out your metronome struggling with a difficult passage when a stress-free solution exists!  Whether it’s a leaky faucet, or a tricky interlude in Brahms’ Eb-Major Clarinet Sonata, the right advice can save you a lot of time… The Piano Handyman can inform you of hand divisions and fingering tricks that the most accurate, consistent accompanists have been using all along.  Anything related to the act of playing itself can be found in this section.
  • Editions – Are you unknowingly learning wrong notes?! The Piano Handyman will alert you of typos found in various editions of a given piece. You may also learn which editions are most frequently used, and which ones must be avoided.
  • History – Important information to give the composition context, presented in an easy to read and digest manner.  If it relates directly to the creation of the composition, it is found here.
  • Did You Know? – Information that does not necessarily belong in the history section, but is still relevant to the composition, is found here.

Let the Piano Handyman do your research for you! Feel free to contact us about any of your pianistic needs.  You are also welcome to contribute your own advice and information to the site (or inform us of our errors).  Whether you want to inquire about suggestions for a difficult passage, or request other research on a specific composition, the Piano Handyman is here to help!